THIS is the reason YOU’RE NOT Eco-friendly

I read a fascinating article a while ago that changed me. Changed the way I think about saving money. What’s this got to do with environmental issues? Well, read on. I read this article here. You should check it out as well, because it’s very, very important. Go on, go have a read, and I’ll wait here till you get...

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Big STC Price Rise Means Cheaper Hot Water Systems

The Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) from Green Energy has hit its highest price since 2010. The STC price recently rose to $37, meaning certain green products such as solar hot water, hydropower and wind power are now cheaper to purchase. The way it works is that certain green products attract STCs. The price of STCs is...

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LG Takes An Eco-Friendly Step Forward with New Air Conditioning Product

Jul 31, 13 LG Takes An Eco-Friendly Step Forward with New Air Conditioning Product

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There’s nothing quite like feeling the cool air from an air conditioner hit your skin on a hot and sticky day. Underlying this enjoyment and relief however, is the very real and negative impacts air conditioners have on our environment. LG Electronics recently announced the launch of its commercial inverter air conditioning...

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How To Ensure Your Pet Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Jul 31, 13 How To Ensure Your Pet Products Are Environmentally Friendly

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We have all become more conscious about protecting the Earth and its natural resources lately. To ensure that your pets are living environmentally friendly too, here are five easy tips to make sure they are minimizing their carbon paw-print on Earth. There are tons of green dog and cat supplies on the market right within your local...

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Ecotourism in Antarctica

Apr 16, 13 Ecotourism in Antarctica

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The southernmost continent is a land of such extreme weather that it is supremely inhospitable to members of the human race. Mankind has only inhabited this dangerous and mysterious land for little over a century and it isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when most people think of vacationing in nature. For those with...

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6 Must Have Green Products For The Everyday Office

In a world where polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and carbon footprints are getting bigger and bigger, even offices are becoming more eco-friendly and employing green strategies to do their bit for our planet. Some are now full of recyclable office furniture and others incorporate signs that remind employees to...

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