How To Ensure Your Pet Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Jul 31, 13 How To Ensure Your Pet Products Are Environmentally Friendly

We have all become more conscious about protecting the Earth and its natural resources lately. To ensure that your pets are living environmentally friendly too, here are five easy tips to make sure they are minimizing their carbon paw-print on Earth.

There are tons of green dog and cat supplies on the market right within your local pet supply store. On your next trip, opt for dog beds that are made from recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton pet toys, and leashes constructed from repurposed climbing ropes. There are plenty of options that are just as cute and comfy for your pets that also come with the eco-friendly benefit. When your pet no longer wants to play with their toy, do not simply throw it away. Swap them with a friend’s pet, or donate them to your local animal shelter. This will cut down tremendously on waste.

Choose safe and natural cleaning products for your pets. Make sure that they are biodegradable for the environment and safe for your pets and family. All-natural pet grooming and cleaning products use plant based cleansers. Therefore, they never contain harsh soaps, artificial fragrances, or toxins that could harm your pet and yourself. To clean your house after an accident, use natural disinfectants and cleansing products including baking soda or vinegar.

Find flushable and biodegradable bags for picking up after your pooch. These allow you the opportunity to clean the environment by picking up your dog’s business and carrying it back to flush down your toilet. Pet waste is one of the primary sources of ground water contamination. It also pollutes the environment by sitting inside plastic bags in landfills. Always clean up after your dog with biodegradable pooper-scoopers. For your cat, choose an eco-friendly kitty litter that is made from wheat, corn, and recycled newspaper. They are just as good at fighting odor and are flushable.

Buy organic and natural pet food that is locally made. Many commercial dog and cat foods are the reason behind skin, obesity, diabetes, and thyroid diseases that affect your precious pet. Feed your pet organic veggies and hormone-free meat to cut down on these health concerns. There are many holistic pet foods on the market that use natural vitamins and organic proteins to improve your pet’s health.

Pick one area to change each and every month, and before you know it, your pet will be just as green as you. Not only will it reap benefits for the environment, but it will also benefit your pet’s overall health and longevity!