What Happens to My Old Gadgets

We all love a few favourite gadgets and no matter how old they get, our heart aches to bid adieu to them. However, at some point in time we are forced to part ways with our favourite gadgets and welcome another new technology. Recent research has shown that all electronic waste needs to be disposed of rather than shipping them...

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Disposing of Home Renovation Waste the Green Way

You’re renovating your home and all of a sudden the growing pile of rubble fills you with guilt: how does one remove all of that waste without harming the environment?  Well fear not, because green waste removal is on the rise and today we are going to explain how to remove home renovation waste the green way. Divide and...

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What Is Composting?

Jun 14, 10 What Is Composting?

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Have you ever encountered a property that had such a vibrant flower garden that it stopped you in your tracks for a minute? Maybe a neighbor on your block has a vegetable garden that grows some of the most delicious looking vegetables that you’ve seen in a home garden? Well, it’s likely that the gardeners are passionate about...

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Eco Living By Giving To Charity

Apr 26, 10 Eco Living By Giving To Charity

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Many people unfortunately still have the perception that saving the planet is something separate than doing something to help ourselves. When you do something to help the environment, you are also helping all of us who live on it since without a healthy planet, we would not survive. So, even if you can’t wrap your head around...

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Getting The Family To Recycle

For many of us, the fact that we live far from landfills is a blessing, but it also often means that it’s easy for us to forget the massive problem that exists with the heaping piles of waste that plague our environment. When you and your family decide to make it a priority to recycle, you are making a commitment that does a...

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