How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

Mar 31, 14 How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

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  Data centers make it easier and more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to safely store their vital information. However, as the world’s data storage needs continuously increase, it has become necessary to build huge centers that require an immense amount of energy to operate. This is primarily because servers...

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Yard Waste: Do It Right and Make Your Outdoor Space More Beautiful

Knowing what to do with grass clipping, shrub and tree pruning branches, as well as other yard waste materials is a dilemma for most new gardeners. However, these items also contribute to the beauty of your yard. A little thought and planning are all you need to turn these items into valuable compost and fertilizer products that do...

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6 Must Have Green Products For The Everyday Office

In a world where polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and carbon footprints are getting bigger and bigger, even offices are becoming more eco-friendly and employing green strategies to do their bit for our planet. Some are now full of recyclable office furniture and others incorporate signs that remind employees to...

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How to Choose the Right Irrigation System for Your Lawn

There are quite a few distinct advantages of using a drip system versus a spray irrigation system, particularly in areas that require water conservation. There is far less water lost since drip irrigation systems deliver moisture directly to the roots of plants, and there is less risk of runoff — accidently wasting water on...

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Bounties Of Polyethylene Packaging Bags

Do you know how poly bags can benefit your business? If you are a business owner who wants to attract a large customer base to buy products, then you are the right individual to understand the importance of polyethylene packaging bags. You can use these bags to display your packaged products for your customers. They are an...

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Sending a Green Message with Eco Graphic Design

Mar 06, 13 Sending a Green Message with Eco Graphic Design

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Graphic design as a profession has evolved quite significantly over the past 10 years or so. With the emergence of the digital sphere and a decreased focus on print design, communication designers have begun asking important questions about where their profession fits within the commercial world. Where is graphic design heading and...

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