Indoor Gardening: 3 Easy Edibles to Grow in your Kitchen

As most of the northern hemisphere deals with the frigid days of winter, gardeners are lamenting the lack of fresh vegetables from the backyard garden. There’s just nothing quite like fresh, homegrown tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables. However, there might be a way to tide over your appetite for fresh veggies till summer...

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Cute penguins

Check out this cute...

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Can Casinos Be Eco?

 Throughout the civilized world, casinos have become a bastion for adult entertainment and gratuitous spending. As enjoyable and profitable as they are, casinos are now taking the unprecedented steps of becoming eco-friendly, doing their part to ensure the future of the planet. While some criticize the attempts as too little to...

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6 Must Have Green Products For The Everyday Office

In a world where polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and carbon footprints are getting bigger and bigger, even offices are becoming more eco-friendly and employing green strategies to do their bit for our planet. Some are now full of recyclable office furniture and others incorporate signs that remind employees to...

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How to Choose the Right Irrigation System for Your Lawn

There are quite a few distinct advantages of using a drip system versus a spray irrigation system, particularly in areas that require water conservation. There is far less water lost since drip irrigation systems deliver moisture directly to the roots of plants, and there is less risk of runoff — accidently wasting water on...

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Exploring Aquarium Supplies & Pond Supplies – Different Kits for Different Environments

Feb 25, 13 Exploring Aquarium Supplies & Pond Supplies – Different Kits for Different Environments

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In some cases aquarium supplies & pond supplies are defined by their specific environmental purposes. For instance, fake rocks and decorative pumps are usually used in an aquarium, as they can be seen by the human owners or observers of the environment. Pond pumps are rarely decorative as they perform no visual or embellishing...

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