Big STC Price Rise Means Cheaper Hot Water Systems

The Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) from Green Energy has hit its highest price since 2010. The STC price recently rose to $37, meaning certain green products such as solar hot water, hydropower and wind power are now cheaper to purchase.

The way it works is that certain green products attract STCs. The price of STCs is deducted from the purchase price of these products. This means the higher the price of STCs, the cheaper the product.

To make this clearer for you, let’s use Rinnai’s family sized Equinox solar hot water system as an example.

This particular type of hot water system retails for $4,163 supplied and installed. Rinnai’s Equinox solar hot water system is very efficient which means it attracts 39 STCs.

With STC’s priced at $37, the cost of your Equinox solar hot water system is reduced by $1,443. This is calculated by multiplying the price of STCs ($37) with the number of STCs Equinox attracts.

This example is based on STCs in zone 3 which covers Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. Other areas attract different quantities of STCs.

The lowest STC price was $18 in June 2011.

This article was sourced from an Air and Water blog article.