LG Takes An Eco-Friendly Step Forward with New Air Conditioning Product

Jul 31, 13 LG Takes An Eco-Friendly Step Forward with New Air Conditioning Product

There’s nothing quite like feeling the cool air from an air conditioner hit your skin on a hot and sticky day. Underlying this enjoyment and relief however, is the very real and negative impacts air conditioners have on our environment.

LG Electronics recently announced the launch of its commercial inverter air conditioning solution, the ‘Inverter Single Package’. The company has used its latest inverter technology to deliver this incredibly energy efficient and high performance product. This means good news for both your bills and the environment.

As well as shooting up your energy bills, the electricity generated to power your average air conditioner shoots pollutants into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels such as coal are burnt to provide energy to homes and workplaces and the power plants that burn these fuels discharge pollutants such as mercury and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In an article posted on Medscape, Durwood Zaelke, president of the non-profit Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development said:

“The amount of electricity that’s used for air conditioning is a huge part of an energy load for most countries, and it’s going up […] You’re putting out more climate pollutants as you’re burning more coal or gas to run the air conditioners, and you’re also putting out the greenhouse gases that serve as the refrigerants in the equipment.”

On top of having a high energy efficiency ratio (EER), the Inverter Single Package uses the eco-friendly R410 refrigerant to ensure cleaner operation with fewer CO2 emissions.

LG’s choice of the R410 refrigerant makes their new product more eco-friendly than other air conditioning system available. LG conducted an experiment in Saudi Arabia where their Single Inverter Package was compared to a 12.5RT unit employing a standard-type refrigerant. LG’s new system recorded a 23% decrease in ton of oil equivalent (TOE) and a 23% decrease in CO2 emissions.

As well as harnessing a more eco-friendly refrigerant, tests show that LG’s latest product has demonstrated a 25% reduction in annual power consumption. The company uses a pressure control system for the new Inverter Single Package which allows it to cool an indoor environment up to 30% faster than previous constant Single Package models.

“This environmentally sound inverter air conditioner guarantees strong, quiet performance and significant energy savings,” said Mr. John Lee, President of LG Electronics Saudi Arabia. “We will continue to grow our global business through designing and manufacturing the most energy efficient, technologically advanced products possible,” he added.