Reducing the Need to Commute

For many of us the daily commute is just part of life, a necessary means of getting to and from wherever we’re going. It has become so regimented in our daily routines that many of us don’t even hesitate to jump in our cars to drive the single mile to the gym. Driving is certainly a modern convenience, however, many of us...

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What is Solar Energy and How Can you Incorporate it in Your Life?

Solar energy doesn’t get enough credit in the United States. While European countries have embraced the power of the sun, it’s much less widely used in America. In 2013, renewable energy sources only accounted for approximately 10% of total energy consumption and 13% of electricity generation in the U.S (EIA). Many...

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How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

Mar 31, 14 How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

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  Data centers make it easier and more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to safely store their vital information. However, as the world’s data storage needs continuously increase, it has become necessary to build huge centers that require an immense amount of energy to operate. This is primarily because servers...

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Waste Not Want Not: Reducing Your Waste

We live in a society where living a green lifestyle is extremely important. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle means that you care about lowering your carbon footprint, and are taking steps to reduce, reuse and recycle responsibly. Environmentally friendly is the sum of everything you do on a daily basis. By using resources wisely; we...

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Home Alarm System Mobile Apps: The One Platform Approach to an Eco-friendly and Healthy Home

Since the introduction of mobile devices, consumers have utilized their accessibility and practical uses and changed the way they approach the eco-friendliness and health of their homes. The apps they offer give consumers the greatest convenience and act as intermediary tools that provide easy access to critical health and...

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Superstorms Mean Trouble for Superfund Sites

On the morning of Nov. 29, 2012, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg of New Jersey spoke at a Senate hearing to address the impact Superstorm Sandy had on New Jersey. He requested the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Public Works (EPW) move forward in rebuilding the affected areas. Lautenberg, who is chairman of...

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