Getting The Family To Recycle


For many of us, the fact that we live far from landfills is a blessing, but it also often means that it’s easy for us to forget the massive problem that exists with the heaping piles of waste that plague our environment. When you and your family decide to make it a priority to recycle, you are making a commitment that does a great service to our Earth and all life that inhabits it.

There are so many products that we all use on a daily basis that are not environmentally friendly in the slightest. When you see a pop can lying in a ditch, that can is there forever until someone decides to pick it up and recycle it into something reusable. Otherwise it will end up in the humongous piles of waste in landfills and sit there indefinitely because it is not biodegradable.

Recycling is one of the the most important parts of our attempt to clean up the mess we’ve made. It will work if we all work together and participate.

How to start recycling as a family:

The amount of recycling products available to buy is growing and could really make a big impact if we all helped out by recycling all materials that can be.

Your family can start simply by having separate bins for your recyclable items and either putting them out at the right time weekly when your city’s sanitation department is scheduled for pick up in your area and/or bring items to your local recycling service.

Typically, cardboard is to be bundled together and the same with newspaper. Also, bottles and cans are to be separated and put together. Breaking down all the cardboard boxes you use (even product packaging) will also help a great deal. Typically those are the general rules, but consult your local sanitation dept. for literature on specifics for your area.

To make it an easier job on everyone and get the family involved, why not give each members a job to do and you can all meet in the living room on that night once the chores are finished and share a snack together. maybe make it movie night that starts after the recycling is done?

Really, there’s no reason that we all can’t help to recycle and reuse in order to help improve the environment and attempt to clean up the mess we made.