Disposing of Home Renovation Waste the Green Way

You’re renovating your home and all of a sudden the growing pile of rubble fills you with guilt: how does one remove all of that waste without harming the environment?  Well fear not, because green waste removal is on the rise and today we are going to explain how to remove home renovation waste the green way.

  1. Divide and recycle

The thing about home renovation waste is that only a portion of it is actual waste, and the rest is recyclable. Get your gloves and overalls on and start dividing! Using large bins for each recyclable material, organizing your waste will not only result in a portion of it going straight to recycling (such as glass, wood, and cardboard) but also reduce the level of actual waste that your renovation has produced. This method of diving and organizing waste is an excellent step toward green refuse management.

  1. Sell and donate

Another quick trick when it comes to home renovations is to sell or donate any goods or materials that are not dead for use. This means tables; cupboards, wardrobes and beds that would normally be dismantled and thrown into a tip can be sold on or donated to a charity shop for instant recycling. Many local papers also have sections in which you can give away household items, so rather than bashing down whole items, try to pass them on for a more eco friendly waste management system during your renovation.

  1. Use an eco friendly or green waste disposal company

Thankfully, due to the increased demand of green solutions to every day issues, there are wide range of eco friendly waste removal services that will come and dispose of your waste in as effective a way as possible. Green waste removal companies will help you organize your waste, identify what can be donated and recycled and give you different colour coded refuse tips to organize your waste so that it can been dealt with in as green a manner as possible.

  1. Use tools that green up your waste

Whatever area of the home it is that you are renovating, if your waste is such that you cannot donate it, add it to the compost or take it to a recycling centre what you can do is shrink it! Not only does shrinking your waste make the recyclable waste that much more efficient, but it also means waste that is destined for the landfill is also smaller.  That means utilizing choppers, compactors and balers for all of your waste to shrink, compress and downsize all of it!

  1. Send items to their relevant green zones

Every item in your home that cannot be recycled will have a place that it can be sent to to be dealt with in a green manner. Computing equipment, plastic, batteries, electricals – whatever it is, you can bet there is a company or a service that will deal with it in a green way. So if you have been organizing your waste well, then contacting these companies and asking them to deal with you waste is an easy way to up the green factor when getting rid of your home renovation waste.

Ben is a renovation expert for the hire company Best at Hire. He loves to give tips on how to be green when renovating.