Home Alarm System Mobile Apps: The One Platform Approach to an Eco-friendly and Healthy Home

Since the introduction of mobile devices, consumers have utilized their accessibility and practical uses and changed the way they approach the eco-friendliness and health of their homes. The apps they offer give consumers the greatest convenience and act as intermediary tools that provide easy access to critical health and environmental information about their homes.

Specific apps give people the ability to monitor the security, safety and energy levels of their homes from any location. The apps provide easy access to people’s alarm systems, deliver instant alerts of activity, stream live security camera video, monitor environmental factors and control a home’s energy output. The features from these apps altogether provide homeowners and families with greener and healthier homes and lifestyles simply by offering more efficient ways of managing and reacting to certain home factors, primarily with temperature output control and moisture and carbon monoxide detection.

Controlled Home Environment

The eco-friendliest feature of a home alarm monitoring mobile app is the ability to control the temperature of a home from anywhere. This convenience gives homeowners a second chance if they forget to lower their thermostat or turn it off completely before leaving their house. This feature gives users more versatility when reacting to the external environment and allows them to manage their homes’ energy output.

This feature cuts down on energy consumption, while also lowering people’s utility bills simply by taking advantage of the convenience mobile apps offer. Reducing energy consumption and increasing the resourcefulness of a home significantly makes it eco-friendlier.

Moisture Detection

Moisture can occur through a leaky pipe, a loose washer hose, etc. It spreads and slowly weakens certain parts of a home’s foundation and, if not treated quickly, forms mould. Over time, mold exposure causes many detrimental side effects. Depending on the length of exposure and the mould type, the side effects range from lighter symptoms, such as headaches, to more severe symptoms, such as brain damage and blindness.

Alarm systems are important because moisture is often-times difficult to detect with the natural eye unless an inspection is performed, which is normally done by a professional. A detection monitor is much safer since it provides an instant alert, rather than allowing the moisture to form mould, which impacts the home’s environmental health and eventually the people residing there. An alarm system mobile app avoids these potential health concerns by alerting home owners of moisture before it can spread into something more severe, which creates an eco-friendlier and healthier household. The longer a home stays healthy, the less waste and energy it will produce through fewer repairs that cut down on materials going into landfills and a more efficient and resourceful foundation that reduces energy consumption.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is an invisible health hazard to families and their homes. It is typically caused by a leak from a gas appliance. Similar to mould, prolonged exposure causes many health side effects, such as dizziness, nausea and even death due to extended exposure from heavy doses.

An alarm system mobile app provides homeowners and family members with immediate environmental alerts to prevent exposure of this harmful gas. Carbon monoxide is odourless and often-times difficult to tell if exposed to it. With a mobile app alert system, homeowners are instantly notified of any carbon monoxide detection, which contributes to an eco-friendlier and healthier household.

The relationship between alarm systems and mobile apps give people a new way to control their home environment, increase energy efficiency and detect harmful unseen threats. The synergy of environmental alerts and remote temperature control via mobile apps creates a healthier and eco-friendlier home altogether, giving homeowners and their families a better standard of living with less environmental impact.

About the author
Samuel Ott writes for Nightwatch Security in Sedalia, Mo. Ott graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in business and minors in psychology and film.