Can Casinos Be Eco?

Green Deal

 Throughout the civilized world, casinos have become a bastion for adult entertainment and gratuitous spending. As enjoyable and profitable as they are, casinos are now taking the unprecedented steps of becoming eco-friendly, doing their part to ensure the future of the planet.

While some criticize the attempts as too little to do any good, the steps are, at the very least, helping to raise awareness of the cause. The following are just some of the ways in which modern casinos are taking a stand against Global Warming.

Many eco-friendly venues are making the most of energy-efficient, LED lighting. Though the upfront costs are a bit more extravagant, LED lighting lasts up to five-times longer and, in most cases, provides a more pleasing, softer light. Many companies, not just casinos, have found LED lighting to be a more economic and environmentally-friendly means to facilitate the reduction of energy waste.

Residual Heating
Boiler rooms at many casinos can generate enormous amounts of heat. The excess heat is being used to provide hot water, as well as powering emergency generators. This excess heat would, otherwise, be lost to nature, causing a great amount of wasted opportunity. By channeling the extra heat to power generators, electricity is saved, which would have, otherwise, gone toward this goal.

Less Stomping on Mother Nature
Televisions, microwaves and kitchen equipment at the casinos are being replaced, in many venues, with Energy Star-compliant alternatives. In doing so, staff and guests can help reduce the venue’s carbon footprint and minimize the energy waste created during stays and gaming.

These steps by the various gaming facilities are just the beginning. While more and more people will flock to these establishments over the coming years, further innovation will arise, giving credit to the art of “Green Living.” Certainly, if successful, the steps will continue onward to other businesses and industries. In doing so, we can expect the planet to survive longer, with a newfound focus on self-preservation. The unlikeliest of perpetrators, the casino gaming industry, will be content, knowing they have been a catalyst for the movement.

After you have experienced the casino floor you can come back to your eco lighted room and carry on the buzz with some online apps from and keep spinning them wheels.