Indoor Gardening: 3 Easy Edibles to Grow in your Kitchen

As most of the northern hemisphere deals with the frigid days of winter, gardeners are lamenting the lack of fresh vegetables from the backyard garden. There’s just nothing quite like fresh, homegrown tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables.

However, there might be a way to tide over your appetite for fresh veggies till summer returns: the indoor garden. There are a surprisingly high number of delicious eats that you can grow right in your own home. Here are three of the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest.


You may already be familiar with microgreens if you’ve explored the less-traveled spots of your local produce department. They’re essentially brand new sprouts of different types of vegetables and plants – broccoli, alfalfa, radish, etc. Since they don’t need to grow much before being ready to eat, they’re amazingly simple to grow at home. You’ll just need a large tray, a small amount of soil, and some type of substrate to place at the bottom of the tray. Just sprinkle some soil over your substrate, evenly distribute your choice of seeds, moisten them daily, and then place them in a sunny spot till they grow enough to eat


In terms of difficulty, scallions are probably the easiest edible plant to grow indoors. The process is incredibly simple: just take your store-bought scallions and plop them into a glass with about one inch of water (which should be changed daily). When the roots become excessively long and the tops of the scallions have new growth, simply trim the roots and harvest your scallions off the top with a pair of scissors or kitchen shears!


Tomatoes are an ideal candidate for indoor gardening. All you need is a well-lit window and a few pots to get started. Simple start your seeds in seed starter and then transfer them to pots when they reach an appropriate size. They’ll take a little bit longer to mature than their outdoor counterparts, but they’ll bear fruit for a longer period of time. If you thought you could never satisfy your fresh tomato cravings in the middle of January, think again!

Are you excited to get planting and try cultivating an indoor garden of your own? The possibilities are even greater if you upgrade your setup with a few grow lights and hydroponics.

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