Seaweed Insulation. Anyone?

Climate change, rising gas and energy prices, and expensive commodities are just some of the things we have to battle on a day to day basis and at one point, it all means one thing – the need for change. Now more than ever, we have to control how we use and manage energy in order to reduce its negative effects. And one way of...

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Top Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports. However, with the worry about pollution nowadays it also tends to be a bit more difficult to keep the environment clean while enjoying yourself on the slopes. Recently though, certain ski resorts have begun initiating schemes to help reduce the damage done, but not the...

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How’s It Been, Green Deal?

The Green Deal has officially been launched to the public last 28 January 2013 and how do you think is it going for the Government’s flagship green scheme? The Green Deal was first introduced as a part of the Energy Act of 2011 as a way for homeowners in and around the UK to have improved energy-efficiency measures without the...

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How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

Feb 15, 13 How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

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For home owners and businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprints. Whether that means buying locally sourced food, leaving the car at home, or cutting down energy use; we are taking an increasingly active role in helping to protect the planet. But reducing our carbon footprint can have more than...

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Environmental Money Matters

People are increasingly considering the impact of their actions on the environment. The reasons for this are many: Greater knowledge of the risks of global warning has contributed to an increase in awareness. People acknowledging the link between being green and saving money. Governmental changes forcing people to consider how they...

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