How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

Feb 15, 13 How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

For home owners and businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprints.

Whether that means buying locally sourced food, leaving the car at home, or cutting down energy use; we are taking an increasingly active role in helping to protect the planet. But reducing our carbon footprint can have more than one effect for families and businesses.

Reducing your energy use can help slash your bills; something all property owners are looking to do at present. So how can you cut down on your energy use to help do your bit for the planet, as well as save some money?

Here are five simple and effective ways you can do just that:

1. Turn down your thermostat

Heating a commercial or domestic property releases a huge amount of unnecessary greenhouse gases. But by simply turning the temperature down by 1.5oC, you can slash these emissions and save a considerable amount of money.

In fact, you can cut your annual heating bill by up to 10% without even noticing the difference in temperature. Businesses just need to ensure that temperatures comply with legislation before implementing this tactic.

2. Not using it? Turn it off!

Leaving your television on standby or mobile phone charger plugged in actually uses more energy than when in use.

We’re so used to being told this, but so few of us actually do anything about it. But if you’re looking to do your bit for the planet, as well as save a little money, start making a conscious effort to turn things off when they’re not in use.

You’d be surprised at the amount of energy you really can save.

3. Think renewable

Despite initial doubts and misconceptions, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more viable and powerful. Whether you install solar panels on the roof, or invest in an electric car; ‘green’ sources really can cut your energy use, and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

While the set-up costs may leave you out of pocket before you save money; thinking renewable can really help you on your way to eco-friendly living. Why not try something as simple as energy saving lightbulbs to get you going?

It is also possible to get government grants for some kinds of renewable energies, especially for commercial properties, so it is worth doing your research.

4. Insulate the property

Cavity wall and loft installation is one of the best ways to prevent heat energy from escaping from your property. By investing in installation for your property, less energy will escape through the walls meaning you can slash your annual usage.

Not only that, but adequate insulation can also help you do your bit for the planet, and save money in the long run. These factors make it the ideal solution for commercial and domestic properties, as everyone is looking to save a little money.

5. Check the energy efficiency of appliances

One of the main reasons your energy use – and carbon emissions – is sky high is because your appliances aren’t energy efficient. Retailers now place ratings on everything from microwaves to dishwashers to help you make the best choice for your energy saving bid.

Cutting down on your energy use is easier than you might think, especially if you’re looking to save the planet and some money. By following these top tips, and using a little common sense, you will be able to cut emissions, cut costs, and cut energy use.

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