Weird Alternative Fuels for Cars

Petrol has seen a significant  increase in price in the last twenty years and as oil supply is drained it looks like this trend is set to continue. Needless to say, the only real way to curb rising fuel costs is to find an alternative if not infinite supply of alternative energy. Fortunately, there are plenty of scientists on the...

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Will Cars Ever Become Obsolete?

We all know how advanced technology is today, and we are aware that it is only going to get even more sophisticated. It affects every aspect of our lives, as we see lots of items, such as various household appliances, that we used to use on a daily basis becoming obsolete, replaced by more high-tech pieces of equipment. In the next...

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Home Alarm System Mobile Apps: The One Platform Approach to an Eco-friendly and Healthy Home

Since the introduction of mobile devices, consumers have utilized their accessibility and practical uses and changed the way they approach the eco-friendliness and health of their homes. The apps they offer give consumers the greatest convenience and act as intermediary tools that provide easy access to critical health and...

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The Future Of Electric Cars

Feb 14, 13 The Future Of Electric Cars

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The electric car has come a long way since the late 19th century. Improvements in battery technology and efficiency have led to faster, longer ranging cars that can recharge faster than ever. From the legendary Tesla Roadster to the affordable Ford ECOnetic, electric cars are becoming more and more popular and better and better...

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The Ultimate Car of the Future

Feb 08, 13 The Ultimate Car of the Future

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Have you ever wondered what people from the 1920s would think if they saw our modern day cars? Have you ever gone a step further and wondered what our cars will look like ten, twenty or fifty years from now? I guess that you imagined that we would all be cruising in flying cars that hover six foot from the ground. Well, we aren’t...

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