How to Ensure Your Car is Scrapped Ethically

Feb 06, 13 How to Ensure Your Car is Scrapped Ethically

Only around half of the cars in the UK are scrapped in a green ethical manner and though this may
seem like a low percentage, it’s among the highest in the world.

Disposing of cars in an ethical manner is extremely important as you can well only imagine. The
millions of tonnes of waste metal, rubber and waste liquids that end up left as rubbish is a serious
green issue. With over 15,000 individual parts in one car alone, as well as litres of chemical filled
liquids, heavy metals and plastics, cars that are not disposed of through the correct channels are the cause of a lot of problems.

Each year thousands of tonnes of oil and other chemical filled fluids, such as brake fluid and battery acid end up leeching into the ground and so, into the water table. Of the 2m cars that end up at the end of their life each year in the UK, around 350,000 of those will just be left at the side of the road, in a field or abandoned to rust.

Conversely, those who want to prevent this from happening have a number of means to do so. If
your auto has given up the ghost, there are a number of ways you can get rid of them ethically and
in many cases earning a few pounds on the side.


The authorised treatment facility is one that will dispose of the car in a green and safe manner. These are government approved and will have all that is required to deal with the pollutants associated with scrap cars. These registered ATFs are also authorised to offer money for cars during periods when car scraping schemes are introduced. These schemes encourage users to scrap and old, less efficient car for a new greener one by offering the driver cash in exchange for removing the old car from the road.

Charity Car Schemes

These schemes will take an old car off your hands and then will recycle what’s left of the car. The
materials that can be reused are then sold and the money raised is the given to a charity associated
with the car scheme. This is a good way to ensure your old banger is scrapped ethically and also
allows you to support a charity.

Cash for Cars

There are also a number of companies out there that will take your old scrap car off your hands and also offer you cash in hand for it. These companies purchase cars and then sell them to the breakers yard. In turn these breakers yards dismantle the car – selling parts that can be used again, or can be melted down and recycled. The left over parts that can’t be are disposed of in a green manner. In such a scenario, you get the peace of mind knowing your car was scrapped in green manner and the added bonus of money in exchange for the car.

Whatever, you decide upon – all we would say is to ensure that you recycle your car in a green

Cormac Reynolds writes for a UK site that scraps cars for cash. He has written a
number of articles for auto clients on a variety of sites across the web.