Green Living Ideas For Celebrations

All of us celebrate something at least a few times a year with holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. Often, these celebrations, especially the elaborate ones, end up with a lot of disposable waste that is not very environmentally friendly.

Green living can take a bit of creative thinking on your part, especially when putting together a party atmosphere but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, after you’ve done one or two celebrations with more eco-friendly items, you begin to enjoy thinking of fun ways to add more to the mix.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you celebrate the green living way:

  • Crafty decorations
    For those of you who are crafty, you can make your decorations and not only save money, but save on plastic packaging that it comes in fro the store. Plus it’ll be fun and you can include the kids!
  • Shred your costs
    Instead of buying tissue paper (the price is way too high for that stuff anyway!), why not just use paper that needed to be shredded in the office anyway?
  • Decorate with recyclables 
    Instead of wrapping paper for gifts, why not creatively use old magazines or have the kids color on a cardboard box? You’d be surprised how much people appreciate the personalized effort.
  • Donate to charity
    There’s nothing as great as giving a donation to a person’s favorite charity in their name. You’re helping someone else in need, and saving the planet by not buying packaging materials as well.
  • Reusable containers
    When you send your friends home with goodies and leftovers from the party, be sure to use reusable containers so that you’re not adding more disposable waste to the landfills.
  • Potluck party
    Why not have everyone bring something to eat/drink to the party. They can all bring something in their own dishware and they’ll be taking their own dishes home. Not only is this idea eco-friendly, but it saves you from cleaning up a lot of mess.