Enforcing Green in your Business

    The environment has been an issue of increasing importance to businesses over the last couple of decades, with more and more focus on how to minimise waste and ensure that staff all take responsibility for keeping carbon footprints to a minimum. Many businesses have recognised that environmental awareness can also...

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The Definitive Guide to a Greener Kitchen

The following content has been written by author Matthew Crist in association with the Kitchen and Flooring supplier Finsa Home. The kitchen is the focal point of any home. It’s a place where we cook, we create, we eat and we socialise. However, in the UK alone, the energy used on appliances like hobs and cookers can often put...

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Eco Threads vs. Toxic Threads: Green is the New Black

Did you know that some fashion brands are still selling clothing contaminated with hazardous chemicals? The fashion industry is renowned for using harmful chemicals for dying, bleaching and making synthetic fibre. Even natural cotton is contaminated with tons of chemicals that are disposed of improperly, polluting the world we...

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What do I do with my old batteries from my home?

So you go to use the remote to change the TV channel and nothing happens. Changing the batteries within the remote will make it work again but what do you do with the old batteries? You should no longer put them into the bin but instead recycle them, let’s look at how. One of the easiest places to recycle your old batteries is the...

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How’s It Been, Green Deal?

The Green Deal has officially been launched to the public last 28 January 2013 and how do you think is it going for the Government’s flagship green scheme? The Green Deal was first introduced as a part of the Energy Act of 2011 as a way for homeowners in and around the UK to have improved energy-efficiency measures without the...

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Fuel Efficiency Is More Important For Businesses Now Than Ever

Feb 25, 13 Fuel Efficiency Is More Important For Businesses Now Than Ever

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You cannot open a paper without reading about increasing fuel prices.  In a society so reliant on automobiles, it’s little surprise that it dominates the news. Every month, you can expect to hear breaking news regarding soaring fuel prices. Despite the price of public transport rising well above the rate of inflation, people...

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