Ways To Be Eco Friendly

Being eco-friendly is taking the world by storm. People are becoming more conscious about taking care of the earth to live a happy and healthy life with limited waste and pollution. Below are some of the ways to have eco-friendly products that will help you from day-to-day to make the earth a better place to live.

Limit water bottles. You wouldn’t really think it, but having 2 or 3 water bottles a day may be great for your health, but after, the waste certainly adds up. To make sure you are getting the recommended water serving every day, without adding to the waste problem, consider getting a refillable water bottle. This is an eco-friendly way to use it day after day, without having to throw it away.

When taking lunch to work or wherever else you go, consider using re-usable Tupperware. This will definitely cut down on paper plates and worst of all, Styrofoam. Having reusable containers is a great way to store your food, and makes it much easier to transport your culinary goodies.

Instead of always using a paper towel to dry your hands, or to wipe off the countertops, consider getting a cloth towel dedicated to those specific tasks. They are reusable, cut down on unnecessary waste and are easy to wash as well.

When shopping for new appliances or electronics, you may want to look into energy efficient items. They not only will save on energy, but they will also save on energy costs when you use the items. Some cities or counties even offer tax incentives that will offer you rebates, or refund back when you do your taxes the following year.

Consider making an investment in a nice bicycle. This will cut down on using gas or driving your car. This will help in a variety of ways. First, the money you will be saving on gas will increase. You will get a great exercise too! Next time you are running short errands, consider taking your bike instead of your car.

Household cleaners have a lot of harsh chemicals in them to make your home clean and destroy nasty bacteria. Consider getting eco-friendly cleaning agents. They are not harmful when thrown away and are made from natural products. When done, they are easily disposed either in your  drains or even your backyard. Great way to stay clean as well as stay eco-friendly!

Author bio: An environmentalist, Tony Clarks emphasises on reusable goods and eco-friendly merchandise. Along with his nature conservation venture, he also writes for blogs, mainly on environment issues. He also likes writing on finance issues that can be of use to fellow beings like ppi claims.