Purchasing a Green Home: How to Simplify Your Search

7794611710_e06daf8f2aEarth Day is on April 22nd, and with it will come a renewed focus on the benefits of eco-friendly living. If you make a point to “go green” in your everyday activities, you may also be interested in purchasing an environmentally friendly house. However, it is actually quite hard to find one of these properties. If you feel passionately about it, though, there are a few ways you can increase your odds of finding your dream home.

Devote time to the process

While it may not seem like it at first, green homes are available for purchase. However, they are not plentiful in numbers, which means you are going to have to throw yourself into the search process. In general, it is easier to find an eco-friendly home in the South and Midwest, although demand for such properties is high across the country. While it may vary from home to home, most green properties use recycled or upcycled materials and products that were made locally. If nothing else, you may be able to locate a home that has green features, like solar panels, if you look hard enough. Remember, though, that you aren’t going to find a green house overnight. They just aren’t that plentiful – yet.

Consider building a new home

If you want your new property to be truly green, you may have to build your own. Part of the issue with that, though, is that you will need to locate a builder with some experience constructing an eco-friendly house. Particularly if you want more complicated features, like a filtration system for saving water, you need someone knowledgeable on your team. In addition, you need to think about your budget ahead of time, as these homes can cost a lot of money. The price ranges depending on where you live, but you could spend upwards of $250 per square foot.

Look for the potential in “regular” homes

If you search and can’t find what you want, take a step back and reevaluate the properties you already looked at. Is it possible to add a few things to increase the “green factor” of the home? If so, you may have your answer, but make sure you know how much they will cost so you can figure out if you can afford both the home and your upgrades. Remember, too, that there are other ways you can live green even if your house doesn’t meet all of your expectations. Use green cleaning products. Hire a McAllen pest control company that incorporates green techniques. If you always operate with the environment in mind, you will be doing your part for the Earth.

Green homes are in short supply, but you can make it happen if it is truly something that you want. Consider the points above, and move forward with your plans.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by International Real Estate Listings