New Copiers Are Good For the Environment

Printing is Out. Document Management is In.

The days of printing out a memo for every employee in the office are over.  Think of all the obscene amounts of paper that have been used over the years.  It boggles the mind we have any trees left at all.  Thank God for the internet, e-mail, and document management systems.  These inventions are allowing us to manage our documents electronically and save, literally, tons of paper.  Now, if we can only stop companies from sending us junk mail we’ll be good.

Seriously, the new copiers on the market play a major part of delivering a solution for our paper consumption problem.  These new devices are the all-in-one printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, and document management systems.  Let’s talk about the last and most important feature, document management.  These new copiers integrate with document management systems.  This allows them to store PDFs, documents, and large word data files in virtual space.  The virtual space comes cheap when compared to the priceless value of the environment.  If you consider the issue in those terms, leasing a copier costs a lot less than one real tree.

With New Document Management Systems Comes a New Attitude

Perhaps the biggest benefit of these new copiers is that they are getting people to think differently.  Instead of printing something out to the printer/copier it is made into a virtual document and stored in a portal.  This portal is securely encrypted with a 64 bit encryption that will keep all of the information safe.  That information can then be backed up to ensure there will be a safety net for that data.

New copiers are all equipped with some kind of document management system, or at least a way to connect to that if you choose.  The copier/scanner/printer is tied into a company’s file storage system.  With this, a company can stay more organized, be more efficient, and kinder to the environment!  It’s a win-win for businesses and the earth.

The greatest thing about the new age of technology is a document may be created, seen by thousands of people, used on a daily basis by everyone in the company, and store indefinitely.  All of this can happen without the use of ink and paper.  It’s a beautiful thing.

This advance didn’t come one moment too soon.  The world’s paper use was running ramped.  Now, it’s subsiding.  Hopefully, that trend will continue.  As we continue to do business in a smarter way it will continue to be a help to preserving the environment.

Patrick Torres is a an environmental current events writer.