Learn About Different Functions of a Water Fountain and Their New Eco-Friendly Options

Since the ancient times water fountains have served different purposes at homes, work locations and public areas. They were once used exclusively as a resource for drinking water and also as aqueducts. During the Middle Ages they were also used as a source of fresh water for bathing, washing and other purposes by the general public. From the Roman Empire across the Middle East, the use of fountains found a place in both the interior and exterior of homes as an outstanding decor element. It also became a very important piece that was used as a decorative element on a home property.

garden with pond in asian styleToday not only are fountains excellent features to incorporate into your décor, but they offer eco-friendly features as well. Instead of worrying about fountains using up precious energy, a new solar fountain has emerged and is paving the way for future inventions to follow suit. Solar fountains currently help with recycling, energy saving, pollution reduction, and more. Solar fountains do not use electricity and are powered by the sunlight. They are operated by special panels that convert sunlight into energy and in the process make your yard look pristine while also keeping the planet in great condition. Solar fountains are also very affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor decor. Fountains have come a long way since the Middle Ages. In fact, learn more about fountains and how they’ve evolved over the years – it’s quite intriguing!

Drinking Water

In earlier times, the Catholic Pope, priests and other political-religious leaders built water canals with fountains to provide fresh drinking water to the general public. Today, you can still find drinking fountains in North America, Europe and other places throughout the world. Drinking fountains are both beautiful and excellent to place outdoors since they provide drinking water for visitors and locals.

Bathing and Washing with Water from a Fountain

Another important aspect that fountains used to have was they were used as a water resource. Fountains were once used both for bathing and washing purposes. There were canals and aqueducts available to the general public where they could bath, wash their clothing and utensils and they could also bring their cattle there for. Even today, families and friends enjoy having a fun time playing in the water both in public locations like a University and at more appropriate places such as amusement parks.

Sound and Light Shows

Now in modern times water fountains have become an important recreational element. The use of fountains are used for both sound and light shows and many companies use splash fountains and multi-tiered fountains as well. You can also find a wide variety of fountain forms and sculptures made with different metals and shades of colors. These types of fountains add more value to recreational shows.

Splash Fountains

The use of splash fountains in a garden area is also quite popular. There are many garden water fountains that come with splash pumps that sprinkle water in different splash patterns in a garden. You may also see splash fountains on lawns at home properties, or at commercial locations or offices.

Fountains are a Source of Moisture and Relaxation

An excellent garden water fountain also acts as a wonderful source of moisture to the surrounding air. It’s an eco-friendly feature that helps the earth grow. Plus, you no doubt will feel relaxed while cooling off near a fountain during the warmer seasons.

Therefore, garden water fountains serve as a variety of purposes in many locations, such as a residential, commercial or a public place. They also add value to the property, are available in eco-friendly designs, and grab the attention of both visitors and families alike.