How To Save Your Future With Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

Air conditioning was, at it’s origin, sustainable. The ancient Romans had an eco- friendly solution. It is unclear exactly when in their twelve centuries of existence they pioneered indoor cooling systems, but whenever it was, it was ingenious.

We are working hard to find our way back to the original sustainability with the addition of convenience. There are eco-friendly options as well as ways to use air conditioning efficiently.  Here is how the Romans did it.

The Roman cool:

  • The massive aqueducts supplied water for to entire cities
  • And to millions of people
  • So they piped it in

But, the most ingenious part was this:

  • They didn’t just pipe it directly
  • They re-directed it through the walls of homes and buildings
  • The moving water cooled the brickwork
  • And lowered the room temperature

It probably doesn’t get any smarter or more sustainable than that. However today, we have technology and innovations that the ancient Romans didn’t have, so we have a good fighting chance at getting back to an ecological good with the level of convenience we have become accustomed to.

There are sustainable options for air conditioning, and there are also ways to use air con much more efficiently than you possibly do at the moment.

Read on for energy saving tips that we can get busy with right now.

The following tips on how to ensure you use your air conditioning system for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact highlight what we can all do right now.

How to choose an eco-friendly air conditioner:

Get expert advice

Get expert advice to be sure the system you choose will be able to work efficiently in the space. A unit that is too powerful will waste precious energy, and provide an undesirable and unnecessary arctic blast. A unit that is too small will have to work too hard, and will consume excessive energy which is bad for your bill and bad for the planet.

Maintenance is so important

Be sure to keep the air conditioning filters clean. When they are clogged the air con becomes ineffective and uses additional energy.

Get a professional installation

A professional installation will ensure that the system is set up correctly from the get-go. Incorrect installation can be energy draining, expensive and in the long run, very expensive.  A professional installer knows how to install for efficiency.

How to use your air con sustainably

Get a fan!

Install ceiling fans and use them at the same time as your air con. Ceiling fans are energy friendly and they increase the effectiveness of your air con by keeping the cool air moving.

Make adjustments

Use day/night settings  to ensure areas that are not in use during the night, are not cooled.
Install zone control so that only the rooms that need to be cooled use the energy.

Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is in use. A lot of energy can be sucked out of an open door!
Set the system at about 24 degrees, and leave it there.

Mind the planet by minding your usage

Cooling technology is advancing and new efficiency levels and environmentally friendly options are becoming available. However, as you can see there is a lot you can do to take care of your energy use and minimize the size of your carbon foot print right now.

Get professional advice, choose professional installers, maintain your air conditioning system and pay attention to how you use it. The more we take responsibility for what we consume, the more good we can do for our planet.

About the Author: Russell Gray is an air conditioning expert, specialised in air conditioning installations. He founded Crown Power and services Brisbane and surrounding areas.