How Automated Kiosks are Changing Recycling

Two of the biggest success stories of our time revolve around the niches of technology and recycling and it’s not surprising to see a lot of cross over between both.

Automation of recycling collection has been around for a number of decades now. From simple concepts, such as bottle banks and clothing banks; to more complex machines and devices –  there has been a lot of movement in this area.

Kiosks have always been at the fore of the green movement, however they are coming into their own now more than ever before and being used in all sorts of innovative ways to get people to return, reduce, recycle and reuse.

The Dream Machine

Though it’s maybe a little dramatically titled, the Dream Machine, collaboration between Pepsi and US company Waste Management is quite the kiosks. The device makes the most of the CRV fee on recyclable beverage containers in California to save the environment and support good causes at the same time.

The touch screen kiosks were first installed at Californian Universities and involved users scanning and depositing their old bottles in the machine for recycling. In return users were rewarded points on NFC cards. These could be used on the campus to purchase goods, or online at specific sites.

Businesses such as Greenopolis go even further and rewards and offers users tokens and vouchers for everything from ice cream to hotels. These items are located in numerous cities in North America.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should be recycled for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that they can often be used in third world countries. Besides this, phones can be stripped and components used elsewhere in other technology. Furthermore, these devices are worth money and the new line of smart kiosks knows this – literally.

If you’ve just upgraded your phone, it’s possible to use one of these kiosks to recycle it and also receive reimbursement for your old phone. These kiosks identify devices; quantify condition and then offer recyclers money or coupons in exchange. Known as reverse ATMs, these mobile phone recycling kiosks are seen as the future or phone recycling and really seem to make a lot of sense.

Of course, kiosks are quite green in their nature nowadays too. Most use low powered processors and screens. When compared to the carbon footprint created by man monitored services, they can really save on green costs.

This post was written by Cammax Limited.  Cammax Limited is a kiosk company who keeps ahead of the latest trends in kiosk technology. They have an interest in not only technology, but also the long