Home Remodeling, the Green Way

Green remodeling is a way for homeowners to make their home look exquisite and take care of the environment all in one act. Investing in this method of home improvement has the possibility of lowering utility bills, reducing maintenance, helping the earth and creating sustainability for your home.

When you consider your home for green remodeling, make sure you check out all of the ways you can reduce costs in your home while using the greenest products available. Try to ensure that your remodeling adheres to these four suggestions:

1.      Use products that are made out of recycled materials

Homeowners often worry that using recycled materials will mean sacrificing quality to save the environment. This is not true in the least.

There are many options for quality recycled materials when going green. The simplest one that many people don’t think about is composite lumber. Made from recycled wood and plastic, composite lumber can be used to construct anything from a deck to window frames. The wood has been said to resist moisture, rot and insects due to its plastic content.

2.      Make the best use of energy as possible

Saving energy is a big priority when it comes to green remodeling. Energy efficient products not only help the world out, but save the remodeler money on utility bills.

Energy efficient light bulbs are becoming the norm in many households, but that isn’t the only thing you can do. Installing enlarged, air tight windows will not only save you money on heating and a/c, but can cut down on energy used to light the house. Enlarged windows allow more natural light to filter into rooms, creating a more energy efficient way to light up your home.

You don’t have to remodel your entire home to save energy, however. By just replacing current appliances with energy saving ones, you could cut your energy use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent!

3.      Install quality products that will last for a long time without having to be replaced

Many homes made in the last 50 years were built using cheap, disposable materials only meant to last up to 25 or thirty years. Homeowners often remodel because their home is no longer working the way they want it to. The more often people remodel, however, the more waste they are generating. By using the right green materials, you can go without remodeling for a much longer span of time.

A popular remodel in homes is the bathroom area. By using plaster, glass or Fireclay tile, homeowners can make their shower look elegant while using green materials. All three of these materials are also known for their durability, meaning less expenses for you in the future.

4.      Install water saving fixtures

There is a myth that using water saving fixtures sacrifices quality. If homeowners purchase the right products, this is not the case at all. Eco-friendly producers have found a way to save water while keeping the quality that remodelers crave. Showerheads are an easy place to start. Look for technologically advanced showerheads that boost the product’s performance while at the same time using lower flow rates. Faucets are also a common replacement in homes. Look for faucets that use 1.5 gallons per minute and incorporate low-lead water ways.

If you want to go bigger, consider replacing your toilets with newer water saving ones. Nearly 30% of every home’s water consumption comes from their toilets, meaning it’s a great place to start if you want to cut down on water usage. Don’t worry, flushing performance won’t be sacrificed with this update. Today’s technology ensures that your toilet will still preform up to par.

Homeowners don’t need to install a wind mill or solar panels to make their homes greener. By adhering to at least some of the suggestions listed above, your home can be on its way to helping the environment in no time at all.


About the author

Samuel Ott writes for Mike Wolfe Construction, who offers trustworthy, efficient and affordable home remodeling services in Columbia, Mo. Visit their website to discover other ways how remodeling your home can benefit you.