Greenhouse Accessory Shopping Tips

There are probably a hundred and one different accessories and brands that you can get for your greenhouses today.

  • And with all the choices, you may end up not knowing what you really need exactly and how to pick the right ones.

Greenhouse Supplies and Accessories

So if you need a hand, here are a few smart and helpful tips on how to buy greenhouse accessories.

Greenhouse Shelfs
Always do your homework before buying a greenhouse accessory.

Greenhouse is more than just planting and looking for the right accessories is more than just shopping.

  • You need to know what each accessory does, if you really need to have one and what kind exactly should you be getting for your sort of greenhouse.
  • Luckily for you, there are tons of resources that you can get from online sources so you do not have to shell out money just to get a hold of a book or article related to greenhouses.

Good Greenhouse Heater

Greenhouse HeaterIf you wish to do gardening for the rest of the year, then invest in a good heater to give your plants the right warmth during the cold winter months.

  • If you are willing to invest more, then there are products that can automatically adjust the temperature inside your greenhouse as the temperature outside shifts.
  • If you are living in tropical climates with sunny weather all year round, then you can probably skip out in this accessory and make use of the ideal temperature available.

Circulation fans and exhaust greenhouse fans

Always pair circulation fans with exhaust vents.

  • Proper air circulation is very important in greenhouses for pest control and pollination.
  • Circulation fans are helpful in creating air movement within the greenhouse but this may not be enough.
  • Make sure that fresh air can also come in and old air can get out through exhaust fans.
  • Always buy both for optimal greenhouse conditions.

Greenhouse Grow Lights

Grow lights

If you are located in areas with limited amounts of sunlight, then invest in grow lights for artificial lighting.

  • There are a variety of grow lights that you can choose from in the market – from LED, metal halide and sodium fluorescent.
  • Choose grow lights according to the length of time that you need to use them.
  • Apart from that, different plants also require different intensities of light so make sure that you know your plant’s requirements as well.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Ventilation systems

Temperature control is not done by thermostats alone but they involve fine tuning the heating and ventilation systems as well.

  • Although they are separate accessories, all three must compliment each other to create the right temperature conducive for growth.
  • Again, different plant species have different optimal temperature requirements so make sure you know what they are before anything else.

Tie-down Straps

Greenhouse ShelvingNever forget the tie-down straps.

  • These are one of the most left out accessories so make sure you put them on that list.
  • Tie-down straps secure vulnerable areas of your greenhouse to the ground to make sure that they do not get blown away by strong winds.

So if you plan on making or redoing your greenhouse, keep these accessories in mind to give your plants the most conducive environment possible for growth.

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