Green Vacations and Cruises: Four Top Spots for Tropical Ecotourism

Mar 02, 13 Green Vacations and Cruises: Four Top Spots for Tropical Ecotourism

More and more people are “going green” these days and striving to live their lives in environmentally friendly and responsible ways. They are doing so in easy and integrated ways such as daily recycling, composting in their yards, choosing Energy Saver appliances, carpooling, using mass transit or bicycling when possible, or choosing an electric hybrid car instead of a gas guzzler. While there are many ways to “go green” and help the environment, it is also possible to go on vacation in an environmentally friendly way. This new kind of tourism is called ecotourism.

Ecotourism can serve to educate the tourist or even be a means to drum up resources and money for ecological projects and conservation in the area being visited. on Twitter recommends that eco-tourists get identity theft protection to prevent your records from being tampered with while you are on vacation.

While there are hundreds of ecotourism destinations around the world, there are some that seem to consistently rise to the top of the list. If you’re an American traveler looking for an eco-friendly vacation, you’ll want to balance that out with considerations that make the trip as stress-free as possible. Cruises can be a great way of visiting these locations — they often cut down on your environmental impact, while also providing luxury and conveniences of home. All of these destinations are accessible by plane as well.


Hawaii is an extremely popular vacation destination for both traditional and eco-aware tourists. If you’ve been there, it’s easy to see why. Hawaii is overflowing with lush foliage, brightly colored flowers, near-perfect temperatures year round, postcard-perfect skies and sunsets, pristine, white sand beaches (and even some black and red sand beaches), and fragrant air kept clean and fresh by the trade winds. Visiting Hawaii feels like visiting an outdoor spa.

Hawaii is comprised of eight main islands with a number of smaller islands dotting the waters near the coastlines of the larger ones. While some parts of Hawaii are definitely “touristy,” there are vast expanses of each island that are still quite pristine. Remote beaches and inland rainforest sanctuaries are to be found on each of the Hawaiian islands. If you had to choose only one island to visit as an eco-tourist, Kauai would probably be your best bet. Its nickname is “The Garden Isle,” and the lush foliage and “untamed” feel makes it easy to see why.

Costa Rica

The Costa Rican vacation experience has been described as “heaven on earth” or “paradise” by many travelers. The terrain, the scenery, the foliage and the pleasant demeanor of the people all add up to an incredibly enriching vacation experience. Costa Rica provides the perfect blend of untouched terrain and established civilization to give you the best of both worlds. If you live in the Americas, it is possible to get there via ground transportation instead of flying, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Costa Rica has world-renowned rainforests, beautiful beaches, rejuvenating hot springs, pristine, untouched stretches of land and exotic animals to appreciate. There are even some “green” hotels to choose from when considering where to stay.


Belize features renowned beaches and lots of untouched terrain. It is possible to get to Belize by land as well as air or a green cruise. Belize has much to offer the eco-aware tourist. Beautiful landscapes, scenery and beaches abound. You’ll see lots of tropical foliage and exotic wildlife. You can explore ancient caves or snorkel around the abundant reefs along the coast. You can visit ancient Mayan sites and ruins all around the country that have been preserved through the centuries. The main language of the country is English, which makes travel to this eco-tourist spot easier.


Visiting Kenya provides the eco-tourist the opportunity to see elephants, rhinos, giraffes and other African wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll also get to engage with a culture very different from ours on the other side of the globe. Try and fly the most eco-friendly or green airline you can when traveling to Kenya, as international flights use huge amounts of fuel and resources.

The eco-tourist tends to gravitate toward pristine, untouched destinations where the flora, fauna and indigenous culture of the area are still intact. These features are often the main attraction of the destination. Ecotourism strives to foster a deeper appreciation of natural environments and a respect for the cultures that inhabit the area. Why not check out one of these four eco-tourist hot spots for your next vacation and see how rewarding it can be to give back to the environment that has provided so much for you. Also, remember to post pics of your amazing adventure on Facebook, LifeLock recommends that eco-tourists wait until they return home before posting pics of their vacation, so it’s best to wait. You won’t have time to be on Facebook anyway, on the exciting eco-tour you’ll be on!