Going green – working out whether solar power will work at your property

Let’s face it, one of the biggest expenses that we are all having to face at the moment is hefty energy bills and for many people especially during the winter months these bills become tough to pay. What if there was an alternate way which involved using cleaner electricity to help bring down costs while saving the environment at the same time? Well if this is what you are looking for then solar power could be a very realistic option for you.

When I mention the words “solar power” in the UK, generally the only response that I get is a laugh, but this aside you might be surprised to know that even in a country with such appalling weather, there are still many options available in terms of renewable energy – and solar power is right up there with the most popular options.

You see, solar power is clean, efficient and uses something that is naturally occurring and in endless supply – the sun. As such, it’s a great way to offset current problems that are being faced by a finite supply of fossil fuels and various other challenges that are currently being faced by the mining industry –and more than that, you are helping the environment!

The wider use of solar power

In recent years many countries have offered heavy discounts to people who are looking to employ solar power, and having lived in Australia for most of my life I am used to being surrounded by houses that are completely run from solar power.

A few years ago the Australian Government offered heavy incentives to anyone who looked at implementing the use of solar power and it was a popular option for homes right across the country. Now it might be fair to say that Australia sees a fair bit more sunshine than we do, but the principles of solar power can still be applied within the UK.

In terms of the UK, with more sunshine in the south than the north it would be fair to say that areas in the south of England would most likely produce more solar power than others, and this could be one area where solar power would be a far more formidable source, but that’s not to say that areas in the north couldn’t also be effective.

How do I know if solar power will work?

Before you even consider installing solar power it’s worth using a solar PV tester to have a look at exactly how much power your solar panels will generate. Testers will work out how much electricity could be generated through solar panels, in addition to telling you the best angle to place your panels – ensuring that you are able to maximise their exposure to the sun.

By testing it out before you try it, you will be able to ensure that solar power really is a viable and practical solution for your energy needs.