Dealing With the Summer Heat in an Eco-Friendly Manner

3199201239_80d0c972c6Depending on where in the country you live, the summer months can be unbearably hot. While running the air conditioning is an option for most, it does cost a lot of money and it isn’t very good for the environment. Still, there are a few alternatives that can help you beat the heat while also cutting back on your carbon footprint.

Keep Hot Air Out

One of the most effective ways to ensure that the outside air doesn’t invade your home is by adding extra insulation. In particular, both blown cellulose and foam are effect insulators, as they are dense and help protect your living environment. In addition, go through your home and identify areas where hot air may be seeping in. Look closely at windows, doors and electrical sockets, sealing up any problem areas with weather-stripping. Taking this step should make it easier for your New Jersey pest control technician to do their job as well.

If you know that it is going to be particularly hot one day, make sure to keep your blinds drawn and your windows and doors shut. Opening them up will just allow the warm air to flood through your home. In addition, turn a fan on in the room where you spend most of your time. While it won’t make it cooler, it will help to move around the air, which should provide you with some much needed relief.

Make Small Home Improvements

As much as possible, you want to block the sun’s heat from coming into contact with your roof and windows. To do that, install awnings or plant trees so that there is shade around your home. In addition, roller shades and reflective film can both help product your windows. Finally, it may be worth it to install new windows, particularly if you have an older home. Search for energy-efficient products that can help you lower your power bill and make your home’s carbon footprint much smaller.

Be Smart About AC Usage

If you do run your air conditioning unit, it is important to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, make sure all your windows are closed and keep your shades drawn. In addition, resist the temptation to keep your AC running throughout the summer season. Pick and choose when you are going to use it based on the temperature outside; only close up your home on the hottest days of the year. Finally, make sure that you don’t leave the unit running if you are going to be away for any extended period of time.

While it may be necessary to run your air conditioning unit at times during the summer, the tips included here can help you be as “green” as possible when it is hot outside. A few small adjustments can make a big difference when it comes to your carbon footprint.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by luigi