5 Eco-Friendly Apps for iPhone

It may seem counterintuitive to rely on an electronic device to maintain a green lifestyle, but believe it or not, there’s an app for that too. Actually, there are several options covering most of our activities. If you know what to look for, a portfolio of eco-friendly apps is only a few clicks away on the App Store. Some of the best options measure fuel efficiency, find information regarding local goods and services, and even keep track of air quality. Use the following programs to turn your smartphone into a lean green machine.

Pollution: Despite the title, Pollution is a green app to its core. This small program provides a pollution monitoring service that tracks local pollution and air quality levels for nearly 1,400 cities around the globe. As the iPhone updates the user’s location, Pollution cross-references its database of nearly 100,000 monitoring stations for the most relevant local information. The app tracks overall conditions along with specific factors for residents who may be more susceptible to one particular pollutant.

Yowza: Yowza is a coupon app designed for shoppers who want their bargains on the go. While at first this app seems like it would only be green for those customers buying eco-friendly products, there’s a bit more to it. Due to the iPhone’s high-resolution display, merchants can actually scan the coupon’s bar code directly from the smartphone’s screen. Not only does this app encourage you to shop locally, saving energy and reducing emissions from cross-country shipping, but also it reduces demand for coupons printed on physical media. It’s a one-two combo: green living and discounts to boot!

GreenMeter: Of all the apps on this list, GreenMeter may be one of the most technical. This app can help users tailor their driving habits to their vehicle’s optimal conditions, increasing efficiency and reducing harmful greenhouse gas output. GreenMeter computes the car’s overall power and fuel consumption, and then uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to determine the optimal driving technique. This app can help drivers pick out the ideal cruise speed, understand the principles of drag and rolling resistance, and maximize fuel efficiency. Yet again, going green is the economical choice to make.

Shopgreen: Sometimes it’s difficult to measure exactly how much of an impact the green lifestyle really has. Shopgreen, a new app from ViralMesh, aims to provide a morale boost for everyone out there fighting the good fight for the planet. This program tracks a variety of factors including CO2 output, behavioral effects on the environment, and the user’s overall balance of green actions. For anyone who is concerned that they could do more to make a difference, shopgreen is a great place to start. Programming the app to track a daily routine is simple, and may be the first step towards a more ecologically responsible lifestyle.

iLocavore: Choosing the right kinds of food and other consumables helps in and of itself, but sometimes there’s more to be done. One major trend in the green movement is local purchasing, and that’s where iLocavore comes in. Thanks to globalization, it’s easier than ever to order products from all over the globe. Unfortunately, doing so contributes to global warming, as a lot of extra energy must be used to transport consumer goods far across the planet. iLocavore helps users to find great local deals and information about events in their area. By eating and shopping close to home, consumers can save the planet and support their local retailers.

Whether you’re saving the Earth by reducing your car’s emissions through efficient driving or saving your wallet by finding great local deals, there’s an app out there to make it easy. Today’s best eco-friendly apps help customers to shop, drive, eat, and live without any doubt that they’re doing as little damage to our planet as possible. Now that you’re well equipped, get out that iPhone and start downloading…the environment could use your help!

Allison Snowden regularly covers topics related to business and technology. She has also written about online shopping tips and deals. Some of her online shopping tips have been featured on www.savoo.co.uk, a discount code website and blog.