Dubai’s Al Barari Eco Home Development

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Dubai, the second largest state in the United Arab Emirates has been making a name for itself through a series of mega real estate developments that has transformed itself from a small desert port into a thriving and sparkling international metropolis. Under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai is seeking to not only modernize, but to serve as a shining example of what the future can hold for other cities across the Earth. That future is dependent upon the careful utilization of our natural resources and as such Dubai is now seeking to add eco-friendly to its list of accomplishments and accolades. The Al Barari Estates are a series of luxury villas that have been carefully designed and executed to adhere to stringent environmental standards to create a living experience that not only indulges its resident’s wilderness fantasies but also makes responsible use of its resources.
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At $3.2 billion USD (Dh 11.75 billion,) this fantastic development hosts a number of luxury villas in a veritable sea of green. Before construction began on these dream homes, the landscaping was conducted so that each resident would be greeted to their new villa by all the glorious foliage that makes Al Barari such a hot destination. Waterfalls pour down stones into crystal clear streams that run through botanical gardens and quiet reflection spaces between the buildings.
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Though there are many magnificent residential communities that have sprung up in Dubai to cater to the world’s rich and famous, Al Barari is the least dense of them all in the United Arab Emirates. Over four million plants shield residents from the harsh desert sun and wind and create an oasis to cater to the needs and desires of its inhabitants.

Al Barari cultivates a spirit of small community and eschews the commercialism of the outside world. Rather than accommodating the larger chains that are so commonplace among the country’s other residences, the Al Barari community is host to local cuisine and small business. Of particular note is the culinary treat that calls itself the Farm. The Farm is a small café style restaurant that caters to its clientele with locally grown produce in the delicious recipes of Dubai.
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Though the beginning of the project was intended so that each villa would be designed and constructed according to its developer’s plan, this has all changed in recent years to allow for even greater freedom by buyers to make their dreams manifest. The owners of the Al Barari complex have established landscaping and exterior design frameworks; however have opened the floor plans and interior design to allow potential buyers to design their own dream homes.

As Dubai continues its steady march from the dusty wastes of obscurity into its rightful place of prominence on the world stage in the future, it will be the leading residential destination for the globe’s glitterati. Among the various wonders and marvels that Dubai will unveil in future years, Al Barari remain the verdant oasis from which the select few will have front row seats in style and comfort.