Weird Alternative Fuels for Cars

Petrol has seen a significant  increase in price in the last twenty years and as oil supply is drained it looks like this trend is set to continue. Needless to say, the only real way to curb rising fuel costs is to find an alternative if not infinite supply of alternative energy. Fortunately, there are plenty of scientists on the...

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Will Cars Ever Become Obsolete?

We all know how advanced technology is today, and we are aware that it is only going to get even more sophisticated. It affects every aspect of our lives, as we see lots of items, such as various household appliances, that we used to use on a daily basis becoming obsolete, replaced by more high-tech pieces of equipment. In the next...

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How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

Feb 15, 13 How to Cut Down Your Energy Use

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For home owners and businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprints. Whether that means buying locally sourced food, leaving the car at home, or cutting down energy use; we are taking an increasingly active role in helping to protect the planet. But reducing our carbon footprint can have more than...

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Give Your Loved One Potted Flowers For Valentines Day

Feb 13, 13 Give Your Loved One Potted Flowers For Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day has rolled right up to our doorstep and like many I am freaking out about what to give my partner. Sure there are all the old faithfuls like jewelry, chocolate, wine and a bouquet of flowers but I want to give her something meaningful and non cliche and I thought of something perfect; a pot plant! Sure you...

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5 Eco-Friendly Apps for iPhone

It may seem counterintuitive to rely on an electronic device to maintain a green lifestyle, but believe it or not, there’s an app for that too. Actually, there are several options covering most of our activities. If you know what to look for, a portfolio of eco-friendly apps is only a few clicks away on the App Store. Some of the...

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