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How Much Energy (and Money) Are you Wasting?

In order to save money on your energy bills it’s important to first understand your energy waste points. Energy can be wasted in a number of different ways, and once you know what to look for you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Seal drafts First of all if you feel a draft coming in, that means air can escape, so seal up any...

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What is Solar Energy and How Can you Incorporate it in Your Life?

Solar energy doesn’t get enough credit in the United States. While European countries have embraced the power of the sun, it’s much less widely used in America. In 2013, renewable energy sources only accounted for approximately 10% of total energy consumption and 13% of electricity generation in the U.S (EIA). Many...

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What do I do with my old batteries from my home?

So you go to use the remote to change the TV channel and nothing happens. Changing the batteries within the remote will make it work again but what do you do with the old batteries? You should no longer put them into the bin but instead recycle them, let’s look at how. One of the easiest places to recycle your old batteries is the...

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How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

Mar 31, 14 How To Use Heat from Data Centers to Power Buildings

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  Data centers make it easier and more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to safely store their vital information. However, as the world’s data storage needs continuously increase, it has become necessary to build huge centers that require an immense amount of energy to operate. This is primarily because servers...

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Fireplaces & Their Effect On The Environment

It might seem a cruel piece of legislation to introduce at this time of the year, with winters icy hand lingering, but the Greek government have imposed restrictions on the use of solid fuel burning fireplaces due to the emissions and the smog clouds which choke the air as a result. More Greeks have been using solid fuel to create...

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Organic Gardening: Protecting from Pests and Protecting the Planet

While growing a garden is one of the most environmentally friendly activities you can engage in, you can cause more harm than good for the planet if you use chemical-laden substances to get rid of weeds and pests. Herbicides and pesticides can quickly spread and contaminate your soil and neighbors’ land, too. It’s...

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